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㈜코펙스 안효득 대표 인터뷰 (영문)

글쓴이 : Riushop 날짜 : 2016-03-03 (목) 16:19 조회 : 2686

‘Right path Management’ with Technology first policy,
Stands high as an Export mainstay in Korea.




Motto for 2016 is ‘Overcome difficulty and pioneer own way”

KOPECS will overcome the global economy depression
and develop new business way.

‘10M US$ Export Achievement’; It is monumental work carrying on awarded Medal of ‘Iron Tower’ in 2014.



In the mid of global depression, most of global leading companies are competing to take a better market position with innovative technology, The priority is to make brand value as well as securing competitiveness of core technology.    
We, KOPECS, are trying our best to compete with leading companies from Germany or Japan in the high performance valve industry.
As a result, we attained to glory by awarding ‘10Million US$ Export’.
We are going to effort to be one of the key companies to make Korea as a leading country of technology. 
It is award acceptance speech for ‘10M US$ Export Achievement’ by Mr. An Hyo Deuk / President from KOPECS on December 7, 2016. 52nd Trade day.
10M US$ Export Achievement is monumental work carrying on awarded Medal of ‘Iron Tower’ in 2014. It has mean that KOPECS gets recognition as a high technology company.


Realizing top quality technology.. Breaking down global barriers.


It is within bounds to say that domestic high performance valve market was reorganized by concentrating KOPECS and counter attack with Korean products has been started by KOPECS.
Leading by Mr. An, KOPECS focused on research and develop for high performance control valve and actuator. It has good reputation as a leading technology company.

With 40 years of company history, KOPECS valves are recognized remarkable technology in the power plant, oil&gas, chemical, environment and water treatment field. Clients are satisfied with its technology and quality.
KOPECS won the project of South Pars 20 & 21 for high performance control valve which are concerning of gas refinery facility from National Iranian Oil Company.
KOPECS holds several patents regarding core control technology and equipment for high pressure, de-pressure and thermostatic. It is planning to develop and supply Anti-surge control valve to Middle East, CIS and middle Asia market within 2016 year.
In addition, KOPECS successfully supplied about 1,000pcs of Globe control valve up to 24” by meeting the severe specifications of Total Engineering from France as well as about 500pcs of Butterfly control valve, gate shut off valve, ball shut off valve by passing the site inspection of Globe Lloyd from Germany.   
Especially, KOPECS has developed ‘thermostatic system valve for complexing high pressure and temperature’ and ‘the Cyclone valve for controlling high-temperature differential steel gas’. They are carrying out overseas marketing strategy with technology.
Additionally, they have supply references to Saudi SEC Tihama, Iraq Disel Power plant internationally and Osan cogeneration plant which is one of the biggest plants in Korea.
KOPECS supplied control valves and Desuperheater to HRSG B.O.P Power Block, District Heating (D.H) Line of Osan and Turbine Bypass valve to Poland Krakow WTP.
Recently KOPECS won the projects for Ghorasal, Karabatan Power plant constructed by Doosan. Their products have good reputation in the Middle East such as Iran, UAE, Kuwait and Algeria, Uzbekistan, Chile.


A self-made man, Mr. An Hyo Deuk.


Mr. An is one of the self-made men and opinion leaders in Korean control valve industry.
He established KOPEC in 2006 to develop control valves to begin production of Korea.
The following is the history of KOPECS which Mr. An stared his own business to develop high performance valve with own technology.
 Mr. An majored machinery and was involved valves after joining POSCO in 1970es.
The more valve knowledge he gets, the more desire he has to develop and produce valves.
He moved his career to mid-size valve manufacturer and the working experience in this company still helps his business. 
Mr. An said “ I could learn all that valves during working such as what kind of valve clients need, what is the feature of valves, how applied” and also said “ What I learned from this company is my motivation for starting my own business.
He added that “Although KOPECS has own technology for producing each items and patents, big clients in Korea don’t want to use domestic products as they are accustomed to use importing products. It was the biggest barrier for us but we overcame and achieved 10M US$ Export.



‘In expectation of higher KOPECS in the world’.


Mr. An keep trying his best to retain and develop new technology valve and believes that high technology biggest competitiveness for future business.
He is planning to strengthen foreign marketing as well as improving brand value globally.
Confidence of technology is his scheme for future market.
It is his strategy for expanding export with effort for developing products and new clients.
KOPECS is taking their marketing for client diversification by attending international exhibitions.
Mr. An said that his goal is to take higher stage on global valve market.
Eventually, he wants to make KOPECS to one of the world best companies and share the result with employees and clients.
At the kick-off meeting for 2016 years, Mr. An speaks his aspiration that KOPECS will overcome difficulty and pioneer own way although the world is under severe depression.

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